Research Reading List Resuming Plan

I have read a bunch of research papers in the past few years. But I fail to remember most of them because of the lack of summary and better organization. It is time to resume the research reading list for myself.

Although there are already several very good public reading lists about computer networking, e.g., Cristian Lumezanu’s SDN Reading List and Richard Yang’s Lecture, they are so general that they do not match my research interests very well.

Of course, it is hard to summarize a very comprehensive reading list immediately. But by following my recent research topics, I will complete the reading list little by little. And I will begin from the following topic: the interdomain network optimization for large-scale data analytics systems.

Reading List

Quick Highlights of Key Techniques

Jingxuan (Jensen) Zhang
Ph.D. Candidate & Visiting Researcher in Computer Science

My research interests include computer networking system, data analytics system and machine learning.

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