Towards Cloudware Paradigm for Cloud Computing


© 2016 IEEE. The rise of cloud computing and the Internet not only bring change on the data center, but also lead to transformation in software development, deployment, operation and maintenance. With the continuous improvement of the current cloud computing and the internet environment, how to make better use of cloud computing platform, and how to serve the users is a popular field of computer software is a big challenge. In recent years, with the further development of concepts like micro-services and containers, software will further step forward to the Cloudware. This paper discusses how to deploy Cloudware in cloud environment, and proposes a new method to construct the PaaS platform which can directly deploy software on the cloud without any modification, while achieving a new model by the browser services. By using micro-service architecture, we achieving good performance of extension, scalable deployment, faults tolerance and flexible configuration. Finally, we evaluate this method by constructing a complete framework and carrying out an interactive delay experiment that directly focuses on users’ experience, which also shows the effectiveness of this method.

IEEE International Conference on Cloud Computing, CLOUD
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