Cloudware: An Emerging Software Paradigm for Cloud Computing


Copyright 2016 ACM. Software paradigm is a driving force for the evolution of software technology. With the continuous improvement in the current cloud computing and the Internet environment, software will develop further into Cloudware, which is emerging as a new software paradigm. This paper defines the concept of Cloudware, and discusses it in the context of software paradigm. Then, based on a loosely coupled von Neumann computing model, we propose a new method of constructing a Cloudware PaaS system which can directly deploy software into the cloud without any modification. By using micro-service architecture, we can achieve high performance, scalable deployment, faults tolerance and flexible configuration. Finally, we evaluate this method by carrying out an interactive delay experiment that directly focuses on users’ experience, which shows the effectiveness of our method.

Proceedings of the 8th Asia-Pacific Symposium on Internetware - Internetware ‘16
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